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The Four Simple Steps

To your dream bathroom


There are four steps to create your dream bathroom. Sounds like a lot of stages, but our experienced team will help you to go smoothly through each of them and create satisfactory results.

The whole journey starts with Consultation. We listen carefully your requirements and expectations and based on them, we discuss the solutions. We offer complete bathroom refurbishment, building new bathroom, or making small changes to your existing bathroom. There is no limits in terms of your requirements. We have been involved in many projects so far, so we are sure we can fulfil all your dreams. During the Consultation we can also give you a rough idea about the start date.

The next step is to create a design. We want to make sure all the details are discussed before the job commence, and you are happy with the solutions and materials.

The last step is actual installation. Our experienced team take care of all the job that has to be done. Electric, plumbing, tiling, grouting, installation of all the bathroom appliances.

After the consultation we prepare a quote for bathroom renovation. We can give rough idea of the price during the consultation, but we always send you the proper estimation in the pdf format. We put all the details and all the costs for the labour and materials.Bathroom installation done by our experienced fitters

It usually takes from couple of days to a week to prepare the quote. The timescale depends on the complexity of the project. If you need just to hung the mirror, change existing tap or replace silicone around your bath, the quote should be ready in 1-3 working days. If you planning complete bathroom refurbishment with new tiling, new plumbing, new electrics, etc the quote should be ready within a week. The timescale also depends on how busy we are.

When we prepare the estimation we base on our previous experience and we try to be as accurate as possible, but sometimes we are not able to predict some of the scenarios which are not dependent on us. To avoid that, we need to know as much details as possible during the consultation. For example what kind of tiles you prefer. There will be a difference between standard size rectangular tiles on the wall together with standard size square tiles on the floor and mosaic on the wall together with hexagon small tiles on the floor.

When the quote is ready, we send it to your email address for your review. We are always happy to answer any questions related to the estimation of your bathroom refurbishment.

Once you are happy with the quote and you approve it, we discuss further details. One of them is to confirm start date. We are very busy with bathroom refurbishments throughout the whole year, so the work usually can commence within one or months, but the start date of bathroom fitting also depends on you. We understand you need enough time to order your favourite tiles and bathroom appliances. We offer support and advice during the whole process of bathroom installation – even before the work starts. We can always suggest the best solutions, but the last word belongs to you.

Bright bathroom fitting in RichmondDuring the first day of total bathroom installation, we bring our tools ad start with preparation for demolition. We always work in the clean environment no matter if you stay in the property during the work or not. When the surfaces are protected, we start with demolition. We remove all bathroom appliances, bathroom accessories, tiles from the walls and floor – basically everything. We open the floor so we have access to the plumbing. During the next days we rebuild the plumbing and electrics his is needed. We prepare walls and floor for the tiling. During some of the bathroom refurbishments we do underfloor heating. When the walls and floor is ready, we start with tiling. We have many years of experience in tiling using various kind of tiles and surfaces. We have been involved in such kind of home tiles projects: mosaic, 3D tiles, hexagon tiles, hand made tiles, and many more. Please have a look into our Portfolio page to see few examples.

When the tiles and grouting is done, we fit all the appliances and give the last touch with silicone, we are ready to put all the accessories to the wall like mirror, hooks, etc. This sounds like bathroom fitting is an easy, quick and simple job, but in 99% of the projects it is not. There is always something unexpected on the way, but because we are experienced company doing bathroom refurbs for many years, we know how to deal with the issues quickly and efficiently.

Bathroom installation is a crucial part of any home renovation project. A well-designed and functional bathroom can add significant value to your property, as well as provide a space for relaxation and rejuvenation. However, installing a new bathroom can be a daunting task, with many factors to consider.

The first step in any bathroom installation project is to find a reputable and experienced bathroom fitter. Bathroom fitters from Bathrooms London completed many successful project in the last few years. You can check our Portfolio, reviews on Google and Checkatrade.Bathroom installation in Hampton

The next step is to discuss your vision for the new bathroom. This should include the layout, design, and any specific features you would like to include.

After discussing your requirements, the bathroom fitter will provide a detailed quote for the work. Once you are happy with the quote and approve it, further details will be discussed, including the start date for the project. It is important to understand that bathroom fitters are often very busy throughout the year, so the start date may be several weeks or even months away.

During the installation process, the bathroom fitter will start by preparing the space for demolition. This involves removing all existing bathroom appliances, accessories, and tiles from the walls and floor. The floor will then be opened to access the plumbing, and any necessary electrical work will be carried out. The walls and floor will then be prepared for tiling, and any underfloor heating will be installed if required.

The tiling process is a critical part of any bathroom installation project. Experienced bathroom fitters have years of experience in tiling using various kinds of tiles and surfaces, including mosaic, 3D tiles, hexagon tiles, and handmade tiles. Once the tiles and grouting are complete, the appliances will be fitted, and the final touches, such as silicone and accessories, will be added.

Although bathroom installation may sound like a simple process, there are often unexpected challenges that can arise. However, an experienced bathroom fitter will have the knowledge and expertise to overcome these challenges quickly and efficiently. The result will be a beautiful and functional bathroom that adds value to your home and provides a space for relaxation and rejuvenation.

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